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One of the worries that most new bookkeepers and accountants have when they start trying to start a speaking program as part of their practice building is how to get speaking engagements.

Unlike making a cold sales call, making a cold call on an organization or club is a piece of cake. Most all activity directors or meeting coordinators are starved for ideas about what to do or present at their next meeting. Think about it, they’re human just like you and they’re limited by their exposure and experience.

You, on the other hand, are not trying to “get something form them,” you are solving the problem of what to do at the next luncheon or dinner meeting. You will be heard and listened to, and if what you present fills their objective or need, then they will do their best to work you in. Even if you don’t get a response immediately after sending a letter of inquiry, you can bet your boots that nine out of ten have filed your letter away for future reference rather than throwing it away. They want and need meeting content. You are a solution to a need.

In order to get their attention, your hardest task is finding the names and mailing addresses of the activity director or meeting coordinator of all the clubs or organizations in your area. Of course there are mailing list companies, but you usually will be required to order more names and addresses than are profitable.

One solution used successfully, year after year, by many small practitioners is to go to their local library and have their reference librarian help them use the reference books or directories of associations and clubs to identify the appropriate clubs and organizations to contact. Then after collecting that data, they type it into their contact database. If they’re really lazy like I am, they take a pocket scanner and after scanning the names from the directory, merely export it into their database.

After collecting the names and addresses, they begin a regular mailing program to these clubs and organizations, following up with telephone contacts where they can, finding out what the club or organization is looking for, and explaining how the subject they want to talk on fills that need.

A regular mailing of twenty-five to fifty letters every week or so will soon fill their speaking pipeline, generate a lot of press release opportunities and ultimately their client and prospect pipeline.

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  1. Speaking is a very good way to get known to a large crowd. If you want to practice your speaking, I recommend targeting Rotary Clubs.

    Often the directory of associations is available online with a Library Card. Best to target your audiance — i.e. if your clients are small business owners in the MLM field, then look for organizations to speak and write for in that niche. It will help make you known as an expert quicker.

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