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Jan 16th, 2009 | By | Category: Marketing Professional Services, Marketing With Speeches, Practice Building With Backend Sales

And my speech was a doozey. Or so I thought. But, when I finished, there were only two people awake in the room. The chairman of the activities committee, and me.

Writing a speech takes a special skill. And, there are very few guides to writing your own. It’s such a hard skill, over at Instant Practice Builder I have one person dedicated to speechwriting the free speeches that members get. I wouldn’t even think of doing it myself.

While Beth is getting pretty good at it, she’s still not an expert in the topics I throw at her. I know it’ll be a full month before she’s able to pull together the rough draft of next month’s speech for local business owners on the benefits of having a Cost Segregation Audit performed.

First of all, she has to read through all the stuff I pull and send to her, glean through it and try to find a common theme. Then we have to discuss and settle on an approach that will educate the audience, without disclosing too much information, so that ultimately they will want to contact the speaker, a local accountant, and find out more.

Next, she sends me a rough draft of the content, which I read for technical accuracy, or as close as I can get, seeing as how I’m old, tired and retired. Then I send it back to her for smoothing out, and then we pop it back and forth a bit trying to insert some excitement into it so the audience will stay awake.

When we produce a typical thirty minute speech, it is just under 4,000 words. We figure the average public speaker speaks at about 130 words per minute, and we struggle for a month on average to pull one together. And even then we’re still not sure how we’ve done until we get feedback.

I’m in the midst of pulling together a manual on how to write your own speech. It should be ready one week from now. I wouldn’t announce it, except I’m on a mission to make a post to the blog each day and this was easy to write about. I’ll come back next week and insert a link right here where you can download a copy. It may help you write your own.


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