Practice Development Begins At Home

Jan 1st, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Marketing Professional Services

Today is the first day of 2009 and here I finally join in with most every other guru wannabe and make the obligatory first of the year post. Ain’t it great?

Actually, this post is not so much for you as it is for me. This year is to be the formal kickoff of my internet activities. The membership website, is well underway operationally and most of the members seem to be very satisfied with the product. I’m almost earning a living and I haven’t spent a dime on marketing, have only posted about four articles (even though I’ve been creating articles for the members on a regular basis. We’ve even attracted some pretty well known contributors to the monthly client newsletter. Go figure.

In case you’re just dropping in for the first time, I have a membership website that preaches the use of “Rainmaking” by professionals as the main technique for building their practice. The website provides new practitioners with an inventory of pre-written materials which they can brand as their own in order to take advantage of the techniques being encouraged. Most of the stuff was developed when I started my first practice almost thirty years ago, and still has currency. In order to keep it fresh, I have to spend a lot of time developing new articles, reports, small business management training, speeches and other stuff, which has distracted me from creating blog posts, articles and web relationships for my own marketing.

That changes today.

For the past few days I have been getting organized. I found a terrific, and free, “todo” list manager, called of all things “ToDo List Manager,” at (Cute name, huh?) After I finished entering most of my list, my printout had twenty-seven pages of things to do. I’ll put more in as they come up.

My next task is to set some goals, and start acquiring members, so I can afford to hire coders to complete some of the projects for the members. Being retired means I don’t need a lot of cash to live on and can afford to plow most of it back into the membership, but it also means I can’t do a lot of spending from my own resources because at this stage in life I want to hang onto what I set aside. Sort of a “Catch-22” type situation.

So, as of today, I have committed to a daily blog post of some sort, an article or two about the membership site, and a few other things to let people know about the site. Pretty much using the online version of what I espouse for local practitioners.

Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to keep me honest and razz me every time I fall behind and don’t do what I preach. Let’s see how committed I am to doing what I preach. It’s your turn now.

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