Repurposing, A Practice Building Dream!

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I learned a very valuable lesson from my mentor the other day about repurposing content, one of her favorite habits.

Now, I’ve heard lots of chit-chat on the internet about repurposing content, and I have consistently thought of it as rewriting the same old article or report in forty or fifty different ways. Sort of what the online bunch call “spinning” an article.

Well, it turns out that there is more to it in her eye than just rewriting. She said that she quite often turns a help ticket into an article or a report. She says she works on the premise that if one person has a question, then she can bet her booty that there will be someone else out there with the same question, so she takes her answer, does a bit more research on the topic, and builds it into a custom report, an article or a blog post. Something, anything.

An hour after I got out of our weekly teleconference, I got a call from one of my Instant Practice Builder members asking for help on pricing payroll services and what commission to pay and outside sales rep.

Well, using an outside sales rep is not my cup of tea, but I have done it. Did it quite a bit when I first started out, and before I learned that the only area they really work in is for payroll services. (If you want more detail on that, I have a special report I’ll send you, if you just ask. Send me an email and remind me which one you want to know more about.)

So, I dug around in my archives. You know, the ones “Dearly Beloved” has chided me for hauling around for twenty years? The ones I digitized and provide to the members over at Instant Practice Builder? Ha, is she ever P.O.’d …. But I digress.

Down in the bowels of my two drawer beige enameled file cabinet, what lo did I find?

A worksheet for pricing services so that I can establish flat rates for monthly client writeup services, a page torn from a major franchise operating manual on pay for clerical production bonuses and outside sales rep commission structures.

Scanned over them, typed up a report and shipped it off by email. All within a couple of hours. Happy client, and new report for members.

How does all this fit with your practice building?

Let’s say you have a client that calls in with a question about what to do because they have set up an S Corporation or an LLC and they are worried that the IRS will disallow their election because they didn’t send it in within two and a half months of filing their incorporation papers or their charter.

Well, being as up to date as you are, you tell them not to worry and you explain the new Revenue Procedure 2007-62, (2007-41 IRB 786, 10/09/08). Bingo you’re a hero.

But, just because they’re the only client who has called with this question doesn’t mean you need to think all of your problems are solved. Sit back for a few minutes and make some notes explaining this new procedure and how to take advantage of it. Put these notes into a report, or better yet, an article and a press release you can submit to your local paper. If you don’t feel confident turning your notes into a well written report, hire a ghost write (again, email me, I know a great editor/writer who specializes in financial articles.)

Look at what you’ve got, just from answering your clients question …

(1) A special report that you can send to all your clients.
(2) An article you can submit to your local newspaper or business magazine.
(3) The topic of a press report to your local paper, radio and tv media.
(4) The first chapter in your big book of tax tips.

Practice building isn’t just about coming up with stuff. Its about helping your clients out with exceptional service and expertise, and then finding a way to take advantage of that by repurposing it.

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