Many times I am asked if online marketing is a part of Rainmaking. As a matter of fact, online marketing is an absolute must for today’s Rainmakers. However, with all the cheap, sleazy marketing tactics that are available anonymously being used everywhere you turn, it’s hard to know whose recommendations to follow.

Researching online marketers is just like researching a professional consultant, you look for people who are recognized as an expert and respected by their peers. To get you started, I’ll make my first recommendation … Lynn Terry.

I’ll have to consider Lynn my premiere online mentor. Once you’ve become familiar with her on the line websites, such as Self Starters Weekly Tips ( or Clicknewz (, you will see what I mean. Lynn has thousands of devoted followers and she seems to be able to remember each and every one, and help them with their individual problems.

If you’re thinking about doing any sort of online marketing for your practice, visit Lynns websites and steady her methods. Her latest project is an example of how she helps and markets at the same time.

To get an idea of how here fams, or in this case, “Proteges” do, take a look at some of their work …

Dr. Sally Witt … Take a look at how she tackles an eternal problem on her site

Deb Gallardo … Her expertise is in finding “story ideas” in your niche or product line. See how she does it at

Joe Ratlif helps internet marketers by partnering with them to build their online business. You can see how Lynn’s advice has shaped his program at

Need a good ToDo List Manager, try the free one from Dan G. at

Stay tuned, I’ll add a few more tips as time goes on.