Stomping The Competition With Giveaways

Jan 13th, 2009 | By | Category: Marketing Professional Services

If you are serious about building your practice, you could take a few lessons from the internet marketing gurus, who took a few lessons from direct marketers, who are the kings of marketing as far as I am concerned.

Almost any internet marketing guru can talk to you about the marketing funnel. Dedicated outside sales reps will talk about filling their funnel. what do they mean?

Well, your marketing funnel is nothing more than the path you lead your prospects along as you nurture them into becoming full blown clients. They start out as suspects, and then they show some interest and become prospects. At various stages in your relationship, you move them from prospect to warm prospect, then to hot prospect and then to client. Or some variation on that theme.

The entire process is designed to educate the prospect about you and your services and to build their trust in you as the choice for the solving of their problems and needs. You can see a good description of the process over at Rainmaker Best Practices, a law firm marketing blog.

Typically, the process will begin with a free gift or a product with such a low one-time cost that the suspect feels safe in taking the chance. On the internet you will see free reports given, merely in exchange for your name and email address. Or you may see a small report or “ebook” priced at something safe like $7. In fact, there is an entire body of software devoted to $7 products, specifically for baiting prospects and drawing them into the funnel.

As a professional bookkeeper, accountant, tax preparer or other financial professional, you might not find the internet marketing products the most useful for your needs, but there are other products and services you might like to think of which would be appropriate for your local clients.

You could consider providing your clients with free reports, seminars and workshops devoted to small business management topics. Or possibly a low cost training course, held each week in your conference room or at a local bank community room.

If you have the resources, your could provide them with their own version of a client newsletter, possibly their own web page on your community portal site, or even key man office services.

Each new offer could eventually be built into a product or service of its own, leading to additional streams of income from non-financial field sources, creating practice stability and referral growth.

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  1. This article is very good ! I have been thinking about various marketing campaigns to do and always have wondered where to start and what is most effective. The above is a good way to start and I plan on starting something soon after tax season as I have lost over 50% of my practice in the last year to year and a half as I was focused and too concentrated in construction and real estate businesses.

    Also, as a side note, I got the worksheets to work that are in regard to industry statistics and what firms should operate at and I found them to be rather general, yet interesting.

  2. Thanks Jason,

    I know the spreadsheets are a bit general, but the other one (not the industry averagesone) was especially useful to me when I started. It was based on the internal numbers of some big national franchise (who shall remain nameless).

    Good luck.

    Let’s stay in touch!

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