The Gift Of Rainmaking

Jul 16th, 2008 | By | Category: Marketing Professional Services

Being a “Rainmaker” is a designation aspired to by many professionals. It doesn’t matter whether they are self-employed, work for a regional or local firm, or are employed by a major firm in their industry. Firms in almost all professions seek Rainmakers as part of their team, whether they are engineers, doctors, lawyers, accountants or financial consultants.

Historically, teaching professionals to market their services has been a haphazard practice, at the best, and non-existent at the worst. Building a professional services firm has operated on the “biblical” system of “seek and ye shall find,” leaving skilled professionals floundering in their marketing efforts.

As time has progressed, a growing body of knowledge has developed about the marketing of professional services. A body of knowledge which has been jealously guarded by those professionals who were lucky enough to discover the secrets and techniques of attracting clients and customers to professional firms.

Over time, these “secret” techniques became more and more exposed and recognized, and have reached the level of exposure where they are promoted and taught by sales consultants and trainers who specialize in helping professional firms.

This blog will try to add to that body of knowledge.

In it, I will write about practice building from the vantage point of a retired financial professional, who used some of the major techniques … basically writing and speaking … to build several accounting and payroll practices across the Southeastern US.

I’m not going to say that I developed the biggest practices in my market, or the most profitable. That wasn’t important to me, but the techniques I used and make available through my membership website ( are the same techniques you can use to build the largest and most successful consulting practice in your market. They are simple techniques, and they work.

And, they can be fun.

You see, becoming a successful “Rainmaker” is as easy as becoming recognized in your market, whether it is local, regional or national, as an expert in your field, or niche. When you become recognized as an expert on a particular topic, or in a particular niche, people will seek you out and ask for your advice.

Gone will be the days of trying to find clients and convincing them to use your services. Rather, people will be seeking your advice because of your perceived knowledge and skill. And, because they are seeking you, and you are perceived as a knowledgeable expert, they are willing to pay a premium for your time and your services.

Becoming a recognized expert can be as simple as becoming a requested speaker before your local Kiwanis or Rotary clubs, getting an article or report printed in your local newspaper, or being quoted on your local radio or television station news show.

It could include becoming a published author, as I did for what is now part of the largest financial publishing house in the world, or having your own books and software available over the internet. Becoming an expert and a “Rainmaker” can take many forms.

Which is why, over the coming weeks, months, and hopefully, years, I will write and collect as much information as I can here on this blog, plus make additional tools and resources available to you through membership in the Instant Practice Builder (

I look forward to laying it all out for you to see and learn from, and getting your feedback and comments as you build your practice and become “the” expert in your niche and market.

Take care,

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  1. Hi Kirk,

    What an Interesting blog! It’s nice to see someone else willing to provide insightful info to the millions of private practitioners on the street today!

    As all seasoned pros know, often times rainmaking is generally misunderstood and used as a marketing “buzzword” because it attracts attention since it signifies a happy/lucrative event. In truth, rainmaking is a metaphor for landing new, and very profitable, clients without expense or effort. Invariably, these “clients-in-need” (often the HNW variety) come via the form of a referral. Since it’s a trusted source, the likelihood of immediate engagement is remarkably high; after all, the client is virtually pre-sold by the trusted referrer.

    In any event, we applaud your efforts and are grateful that the small business advisory community has such a meaningful resource to visit/enjoy. As another financial services veteran (of 30+ years), I anticipate launching a web presence later this fall–with a few other senior business executives–that will focus on the same need (more and better marketing opportunities) from a different perspective.

    I look forward to your next blog–on one of my favorite subjects: rainmaking! (FYI–I found you via Google Blog–Search facility by typing in the keyword, Rainmaking.)

    Best regards,
    Bob Veris

  2. Thanks Bob,

    Glad to hear from you! And thanks for the feedback.

    I agree, a lot of people are bandying the term “Rainmaker” about without really defining what it is and how to utilize a proper “Rainmaking” system. Drop me a note when you get your site launched, I’m interested in seeing what you’re doing.


  3. Dear Kirk:

    There are already a number of blogs on rainmaking and the exchanges among their authors are helping to advance the knowledge of the subject. Your blog is a welcome addition.

    Ford Harding

  4. Ford,

    It is an honor and a privilege to see your name here! I am indebted to your book … “Rain Making … The professionals Guide to Attracting New Clients” to pointing out that what I was doing back in the 80’s and 90’s had a name and there was more to it than what I was doing at the time.

    Welcome, and I hope you’ll approve of what I’m doing.


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