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Jan 15th, 2009 | By | Category: Marketing Professional Services

I was just checking in and reading Margaret Grisdela’s blog at the Rainmaking Club, and she was discussing how strong rainmakers don’t experience a downturn, despite the condition of the economy.

As Margaret so aptly put it, it’s much easier to build your business in a growing economy, than it is in a downturn. Yet many skilled rainmakers continue to bring in new business despite the economic conditions.

Why? The main reason is that even in a downturn economy, some people are still looking to retain professionals.

These rainmakers use tried and proven methods for marketing. They make sure that they are working with only the best clients, even getting rid of weaker ones who do not contribute to the bottom line. they provide exceptional service to the clients they do retain, and charge accordingly. They participate in image enhancing activities, such as authoring books, reports, and white papers. They offer their services in public speaking activities.

They stay on top of what the newest and latest tools are, and choose the best among them in order to take advantage of the top methods.

One of my favorite gurus, Ford Harding describes places where you can learn more about rainmaker style marketing marketing and stay current in his blog post at While it is primarily targeted toward attorney, Larry Bodine gives helpful tips regularly in his Associate Marketing Mentor blog.

There are many more sources of guidance, you just have to use the Google blog search function for accounting marketing sales or rainmaker and you should find all sorts of help.

You may even want to bookmark this blog and come back once in awhile. I may have something useful that doesn’t include a link to Instant Practice Builder. (See how I slipped that in?)

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