What Are Clients Looking For?

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What are clients looking for?

Determine what a prospects needs are, supply it and you’ll be successful, right? It’s what every sales manual you’ll ever see, that doesn’t cover the basics of Rainmaking skills, will try to tell you. Find a need and fill it.

But, you’re in a profession, licensed or not, and what they don’t really tell you are the things that clients are looking for after you have identified their need.

According to Harry Mills, in “The Rainmaker’s Toolkit: Power Strategies for Finding, Keeping, and Growing Profitable Clients” (AMACOM, 2004), prospects are looking for “Expertise, Experience and Efficiency.”

When they begin looking for Expertise, the first thing that enters the prospects mind is “I need an expert.” Then they begin to narrow their field by selecting someone with Experience. And finally, they select someone based on their efficiency, which is usually identified as having a proven methodology.

He goes further to state that the values they place on these qualities diminish as the selection process progresses.

The prospect will place a high value on whether you are perceived as an expert or not. The higher your expertise is perceived to be, the higher you will rank in the prospects mind. They will place some value on your experience, whether it is based on the length of time you have been in practice, or the fields of endeavor you have practiced in.

The prospect will place little or no value on your efficiency. They are looking for someone who can provide a solution to their problem and are not concerned with the methodology of the solution.

By knowing the values a prospect puts on each of the differentiating factors, the professional skilled in Rainmaking will concentrate on developing his or her reputation as a knowledgeable expert. Until they have accomplished the development of that image, all aspects of their marketing efforts will revolve around the goal of developing an image as “the” recognized expert in their market, whether it is national or local.

Because of the value placed on a providers expertise, a professional who has achieved the status of being a recognized expert will be able to charge as much as five to ten times as much as a more experienced, and/or more efficient competitor.

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Meanwhile, take care, and I’ll be back with some useful stuff later.


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