What Do You Write About? Part #2

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If you haven’t read yesterday’s post What Do You Write About? Part #1, then click here and read it first. We’ll be continuing from the point where that post ended.

Meaning, you’ll now have a listing of results that show all the blogs Google thinks you want to know about, who have recently written on the subject you entered in the search box. Your next step is to start going through them one by one and scanning them to see what is being written on your topic.

So after putting in “small business” (without the quotes … they’re just to make it easier to read here), I got 268,539 potential results. A bit much, so I cut it down by clicking on the link that says “Last Day” and it drops to 76,381 results. Okay, I can live with that. My first reaction is that I’ll only see less than 1,000 since Google will only give me ten pages and I have my preferences set to show 100 per page.

To see how many I really have, I scroll to the bottom and it shows that there are ten pages of results, so click on the link that says 10 and am taken to the last page, which shows that I have been given results 601 – 602 of about 48,897. Scrolling to the bottom I see that there are only seven pages now.

What’s happening is that behind the scenes Google is refining your results to reflect what they think you are asking for in what they have on file. They know that most of the stuff on the internet is junk, and they try to filter it out.

So now, let’s start looking at what we have … from the back end, where no one else looks. The stuff Google says is “least relevant.” (I never understand how they think they know what is relevant to me.)

Any way, I start working my way up the list. After eliminating all the stuff about web hosting and marketing on the internet, investing in stocks and that the number of Realtors is supposed to drop 20% in the next year or so (A good thing I think.), I start noticing that there are quite a few mentions of green technology and environmental concerns. Go figure.

Looking at the particular posts, I learn that Venture Capitalists have started sinking their money into “green” technology in an article entitled “VC Spend Goes Green in 2008,” and as I move up, I stumble across a post called “It’s Like Herding Pigs” which catches my eye. (I grew up on a small farm in North Carolina.) I click on it and find out it’s a blog from a preacher by a preacher by the name of Chuck Warnock at a small church in Chatham, Virginia.

I’m inspired. Not to rush up and start attending the church, but by the blog and the attitude, so I read the post and now I think I have an idea for an article on employee management. You’ll have to read Chuck’s blog to see what I mean. But, there, in the space of about three minutes I have the genesis (no pun intended) of an article.

If you are a member of The Instant Practice Builder you’ll see how I use the idea when you receive your articles for your February client newsletter. hehehe.

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  1. Kirk, thanks for the link. Your description of using google search from the bottom up is intriguing. I think I’ll try it myself. And, if you’re curious, I blog about small churches, so maybe google picked up small to throw my link in there with all the business stuff. Anyway, glad you found me and come back. I’m also following your blog now, as I am trying to build my own practice in church consulting. I did consulting years ago, got into other things, and now am headed back that way. Maybe this is a serendipity for both of us. -Chuck

  2. Hi Kirk
    That’s an interesting twist on Google search.

    I am still using method in first article very cool.

    Regards Ian

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