What’s Your Why?

Nov 10th, 2010 | By | Category: Marketing Professional Services

Yesterday was my birthday … and I am wondering how to come to grips with the reality that I’m getting old.
I thought it was a really big coincidence that I was wondering this as I was reading Rick Warren’s blog this morning because he started his post with …

“Abraham was now old and well advanced in years, and the Lord had blessed him in every way.” Genesis 24:1

I try to keep my personal thoughts personal. I have a lot of opinions and I voice them frequently, often resulting in a lot of embarrassment or grief. But, I keep my personal thoughts personal, which is probably why “DD3” never really understood what a clown she came across as, but I digress.
But this personal thought can be applied to your marketing … Where are you, where do you want to be, and why?
The last part of that thought is probably the most important, and ties both of the other two together. And, once you understand why you want to be somewhere with your life, it will clarify the first two parts of the question, and maybe even change them totally.
Only by knowing and understanding why you want to be at a certain place in your life will you be able to recognize whether where you want to be will satisfy your wants and needs, or whether you need to change your goals.
The path to where you want to be will be determined by your wants, and that is your answer to why
The journey to where you want to be can be filled with clarity of purpose, and action, or it can have you wandering in the desert like Moses, never reaching your goal. Being left to watch as others fulfill and enjoy the dream you had.
Let’s say you want to build a million dollar practice.
If you can’t answer that, then even if you reach that goal, you will still not be where you really want to be. Reaching that pinnacle of accomplishment is not the goal, it is the result of the actions that got you there.
Why do you want to be there?
Think about why you want to achieve your goal, and you’ll start to see how to achieve the goal you really want.
As Rick Warren said, “You can’t just know the what, you need to know the why – that’s your motivation. If you don’t know why, you will give up when it gets tough. ”
I challenge you to achieve that goal, and journey with me as I work to achieve mine in my upcoming “sunset” years. (I ain’t there yet boys and girls. I’m just getting started!)
P.S. – I was 69 yesterday, November 9, 2010.

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