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One of the basic tools of the rainmaker system is the writing and using of articles. You’ll enjoy a lot of benefits by having an article printed in a business or professional publication, or even in your local newspaper. However there are some misconceptions about what it will do, and these misconceptions usually wind up with the result that you become disillusioned and discouraged.

There are several things you need to understand about getting published. You need to be clear about the primary and secondary benefits of getting published, the best topics for your market and your practice, how to overcome writer’s block, we’re getting published fits into your overall marketing or Rainmaking effort, and how you can get mentioned in articles that others are writing.

The primary benefits of getting published include the following;

1: Building it your reputation.
2: Establishing your credentials
3: Creating a favorable impression..
4: Bolstering your inventory of marketing tools.
5: Providing or generating inquiries
6: Being invited to speak at groups.

By getting published, you’ll be gaining recognition for yourself as an expert on the subject of your book or article. If you’re employed in the engineering field, and you write an article on reinforcing bridge trusses, then you have effectively told the public that you are knowledgeable on this topic and could be of assistance when needed. This pattern will carry over for any profession or trade, no matter what the level of expertise required for entry is presumed to be.

You generate additional coverage by supplying clients and associates with copies or reprints of articles you have had published, excerpts from books you had published, or even copies of the books you have had published.

Many recipients of these excerpts, reprints or publications will vicariously bask in your glory, and serve as ambassadors by informing others. You may also want to maintain a notebook containing reprints and excerpts of your writings, and make it available in the reception area or waiting area of your office.

Another thing you can do with the excerpts and reprints is to use them as a base and developing your brochures and marketing portfolios. You can include reprints in your correspondence, and direct mail campaigns.

Having your article published in your local market may generate inquiries from desirable prospects. A newsworthy article in the Sunday edition of your local newspaper could easily generate a number of phone calls and inquiries within the next few days. However, some readers may clip out the article and save it for future reference, resulting in calls from interested prospects over a period of time.

Possibly one of the strongest benefits is that having an article published often results in your being invited to speak before a local club or organization. From that, is very easy to build each article into a speech, or to take any speech and turn it into an article giving you the opportunity to repeat your message locally over and over again.

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